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Cabrinha Moto 2022 Kite


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Hybrid kite for beginners, experts, and versatile riders by Cabrinha

You like everything in kitesurfing: from surfing waves when the sea is pumping to freestyle progression, from endless downwind freeride sessions to crazy long-distance foiling rides.

The 2022 Cabrinha Moto is one of the best allround kites on the market, no matter what the conditions are or what style of riding, it has something for every rider.

The most versatile kite in the Cabrinhas catalog, since its first version the Cabrinha Moto is been designed for those riders who don't focus only on a single discipline and also to be user-friendly for beginners.

Whether riding a twintip kiteboard, a surfboard, or a hydrofoil board, the Moto is the ultimate hybrid kite in the Cabrinha range.


Hybrid Arc Shape

According to its designers, the Cabrinha Moto 2022 provides lightweight control and immediate response through a unique blend of Pure Arc Segments and Pure Profile segments. This combination gives birth to one of the smoothest and cleanest arc shapes in the kite world, which results in an incredibly clean airflow and riding experience. 


Cabrinha Moto kite size chart:

The Cabrinha Moto 2022 is available in the following sizes:

  • 5m
  • 6m
  • 7m
  • 8m
  • 9m
  • 10m
  • 12m
  • 14m


  • PURE ARC SEGMENTS: The increased leading edge segments specifically designed for the Moto result in a smooth, high definition and aerodynamic arc.

  • FORWARD DRIVE: The Moto’s unique profiles, combined with the reduced coning of its arc shape, allow this kite to fly incredibly fast through the wind window.

  • UNRIVALED VERSATILITY: A do-it-all allround kite that provides always an excellent experience for thrilling freeride, surf, freestyle, and foiling sessions.

  • NO PULLEY BRIDLES: Nobody likes pulley bridles right? Having no pulleys provides an incredibly direct feedback, for a light, simple, and very responsive feeling.

    USER FRIENDLY AND FAST: Its light bar pressure and fast steering make this kite as easy to use as it can possibly get: any bar input immediately translates into a quick kite response.

Watch the Cabrinha Moto 2022 official Video:  

Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

If you are not a wakestyle freak, a hydrofoil-only kiter or one of those surfers who stay at home when the sea is flat, but are rather a versatile kiter that likes to do a bit of everything, than a high-quality Hybrid Kite like the Cabrinha Moto 2022 should definitely be your choice.

The Cabrinha Moto is user-friendly enough for beginners, but will also be appreciated by intermediate to expert kiters who like to practice and experiment with different kite disciplines while keeping the progression at a stable ratio.

The super-responsive feeling coming out of the all-new hybrid Arc Shape is a feature that you have to try!



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