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CARVER C7 trucks 6.5" RAW

Surfskate Trucks CARVER C7 

 C7 6.5" RAW trucks set

The Carver C7 is the signature surfskate truck by Carver skateboards. With this setup the front truck loosens up the nose of the board for recreating the typical surfboards pumping movement, so permitting to train wave riding and surf derived moves on the mainland.

Years of riding and research from Carver Skateboards have been put into manufacturing this patented surfing machine truck, cince the mid '90s. The front truck loosens up the nose of the board for unprecedented snap, and it effortlessly drives you forward with every pump, also making this setup bliss for cruising around, as you won't need to push with one foot all the time.

The smooth arm rotation rides on a 1 5/8" precision thrust bearing set, and the heavy-duty internal spring has a wide range of tension adjustment so you can thoroughly customize the feel of your surfskate board.

The 6.5" hanger is better suited to bigger, longer boards.

Hanger width: 165 mm.


The Carver C7 trucks setup includes:

  • 1 x Carver C7 truck (front) truck
  • 1 x Carver C2 truck (rear)
  • 2 x Front risers
  • 2 x Rear risers


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