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CARVER 30.5" PRISMA with CX or C7 Trucks

The Carver Prisma has a modern, double diamond shape surfskate with deeper heel-and-toe concave. The concave will help you lock in where it counts, in front and back, with better power transfer, while the middle part of the board is more flat for easy pushing. The mid-length wheelbase on this board makes it both snappy and stable, offering a one board killer quiver. The wheels mounted on thhe Prisma will make your trucks stay in traction, thanks to concave-shaped contact patch, a revolution in the surfskate world.


Choose your Carver Prisma setup, with the CX o C7 Surfskate Trucks

You can choose to set-up your Prisma board with either the C7 or CX trucks. The Cx will allow you to catch some air and ride fakie, and C7 Will let you pump with power, and feel like you are surfing. You will also get the 68mm Roundhouse wheels, perfect for holding traction and fast pumping.


Carver Cx trucks

The CX truck is a Lightweight TKP truck with patented geometry, which makes pumping much more efficient. This means you can get all of your energy straight into pumps, and move forward. The fact that this truck is based on standard skate TKP trucks, makes landing airs and riding fakie easier than on C7. This can help you with air maneuvers, and even riding switch!


Carver C7 trucks

The truck that started it all. This is the one surfskate truck, that made surf skate the real thing. Made to be the fastest pumping, smoothest turning truck ever, it has a patented system of the second axis on the front truck, which will let you snap the nose and pivot from the tail. This will drive you to the front with great speed. How alike this movement is to surf, is why a lot of pros and amateur surfers choose these trucks to train their moves.


Roundhouse Wheels

The Roundhouse wheels are designed specifically for Carver trucks, offering tons of grip and traction. The lips on these wheels are designed to optimize the pump, and they will feel like a wave is pushing you out of every sharp turn. You gotta try 'em!


Carver Prisma Specs:

    • Length: 30 1/2" / 77.47cm
    • Width: 9 1/2" / 24.13cm
    • Wheelbase: 17 1/2" / 44.45cm
    • Nose: 2 3/4" / 6.98cm
    • Tail: 6 1/8" / 15.55cm
    • Construction: Maple
    • Main Use: Surfskate
    • Mounting of trucks: Topmount
    • Kicks: Single Kick
    • Drop in deck: No


                      • Truck Option: C7 or CX
                      • Truck Color Option: Raw
                      • Wheels: 69MM Concave Smoke 78A
                      • Bearings: Built-In
                      • Grip Tape: Custom Diamond
                      • Hardware: Stainless Steel