CORE Sensor bar 3, with all new quick release system

CORE Sensor bar 3

CORE Kite Sensor bar 3

2021 Core Sensor 3 bar brings big innovations to the Core kite control system.  The new Sensor control bar comes with, hidden line winders, a snappy width adjusters and an all-new Quick Release system that is so easy to reconnect that you can do it with one hand!

The functional design, clean esthetic and ultra-light weight makes of the Core Sensor 3 one of the best kite bar around.

The features from the Core Sensor 2 are carried over the new control system: Titanium Truss, Supported Single Frontline Safety, and Auto-Untwist.

The bar ends have now a cleaner design, more ergonomic and useable, whilte the bar ends ar now softer and can be flip open to reveal hidden line winders and simple width adjusters.

 CORE Sensor bar 3 Features

  • TITANIUM CORE: Extra rigid, titanium trussed, composite bar
  • NEW STEALTH WINDERS: new design clean bar ends reveal hidden line winders
  • NEW GRIPLOC: Optimized bar texture for best grip
  • TECTANIUM VARIO LINES: variable length, brutally strong, and durable lines
  • NEW! LIVE WIRE: Super direct bar response and EZ bar width adjustment
  • AUTO UNTWIST: Automatic, below-the-bar front line untwist w/ sand crushing ceramic bearings
  • 4:1 ADJUSTER: Fast. Precise. And proven trim adjuster
  • NEW QUICK RELEASE SEASTEM: Fast and easy to reconnect
  • SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY (SSF): Safe, proven and easy to relaunch
  • SHORT SAFETY LEASH: Extra short and extra safe
  • LINES MADE IN GERMANY: Durable, pre-stretched lines for long life
  • SPLICED ENDS: Braided and sewn ends for extra strength
  • REPLACEABLE BAR INSERTS: Self-lubricating, centerline bar inserts fully replaceable
  • ANTI-SLIP COATING: Water-activated grip


*Individual components and spare parts for the Sensor 3 bar system are not compatible with previous models of the Sensor bar system.