Core XR6 Kite 2021

Core XR6 Kite 2021


2021 Core XR6 - Big Air Kite

If you are you a big air kitesurfer and you aim to set a new Woo world record than the Core XR6 is the kite you need !

This kite is a big air machine as well as an excellent freeride performer, and offers all the latest safety systems making your kite session super fun and safe. 

Core XR6 features:

  • Delta bow shape
  • 5 strut frame
  • Fast turning speedshort bridle system
  • Speed pum system
  • Instant relaunch


Why you will love the Core XR6 kite:

  • Insane Big air performance
  • Perfect for Freeriders
  • Huge Wind range
  • Quick water relaunch
  • Bomb proof quality

The Core XR6 kite is now available at wake-style.com and is possible to test it in size 9mt and 8mt.

Call us or get in touch with us and try this big air beast!