2022 Eleveight CS Vary Plus Bar V4 | Buy on Wake-Style.com

2022 Eleveight CS Vary + (Plus) Bar

Eleveight Bar Vary Plus V4

Performance 4 lines kite bar with Quick Matic quick release

    The Eleveight CS Vary Plus  Bar V4 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make their kites safer, more precise and tangle-free. The new Quick Matic system has a redesigned donkey stick with an intuitive chicken loop; it also features a red line swivel which will untwist your lines when you need them most so that they are never tangled again! The new depower line has a double layer inner core, which is made from 100% Spectra. The red safety line will also be tighter to enhance its durability and the pigtails have been reinforced for better performance. For maximum responsiveness, we went with low V lines that are thermo-coated in Germany



    Bar Sizes

    • Small: 42-50 cm + 22mt lines
    • Large: 47-55 cm + 22mt  lines



    • New Quick Matic safety system 
    • TPU coated depower line
    • New auto untwist swivel 
    • Thermo coated lines made in Germany
    • Available in two sizes


    Buy on Wake-style.com

    By implementing this latest upgrades the new Eleveight Vary Plus  Bar V4 fills the gap with other bands, now offering all the latest safety, comfort and construction standards.

    Buy it online on Wake-style.com of at our shop in Bussum, 20 minutes from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.