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Eleveight Master C+ V3 Kite Board

Eleveight Master C+ V3 Kitesurf Board

Weighing in at only 4 lbs, the Master C+ V3 is truly lightweight and packs a punch. The new fiberglass layup provides an unbeatable flex for popping off of waves or doing endless airs.


  • This is the perfect board for riders looking to master a variety of tricks. Whether you’re just starting out or have been riding your entire life, this will be an ideal purchase!

  • With Carbon lamination, this board is made with less material to make it lightweight and quicker on the turn without sacrificing responsiveness
  • Parabolic (PRS) rail technology is an advanced design that provides riders with improved performance. We are able to provide you with a product capable of being used in different conditions such as high speed downhill for racing purposes or maneuvering rocky terrain at slower speeds if ascending uphill.
  • The bevelled rails are designed for optimal flex, speed and pop. They're high impact resistant so that you can go all out with your tricks without worries!
  • The multi-stage rocker absorbs the shock from tough jumps to make your landings smoother.

The Master C+ is the lightest and most performance-ready twintip for riders that demand the ultimate premium experience. With a disruptive nature, it's easy to shatter any limit with its new lightweight ABS rails coupled with superior Spread Tow Carbon fiber - all of which offers high impact resistance and better performance than ever before! The bevelled edges along your board allow this rail profile to have thinner tips, centre points, generating an even faster speed while still holding up loads perfectly well thanks to its precision milling 3D construction.

The Parabolic Rail Shape technology improves upwind-travel, cuts through chop comfortably, and redirects spray away from the rider. The smart channel layout of the bottom as well as the included G10 epoxy glassed fins combine control and responsiveness that playfully go hand in hand. The C+ performs in raging storms and surf just as well on smooth sheltered waters because it is able to carve through waves thanks to its carving characteristics - experienced twintip riders will notice how unique this board's multi-stage rocker plus relatively lean tips are which enhance linear flex between centre & rail



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