Eleveight Process C+

Eleveight Process C+


The Process C+ is a high-performance, lightweight freeride twin tip with progressive flex and amazing control in any condition. The parabolic rail shape on the board provides exceptional grip when going into long carves or hitting rails while also providing increased upwind ability due to its innovative design. With ultra light carbon construction this board will provide powerful riding without weighing you down even after hours of use!
Built with Airgo2 pads for maximum comfort and 45mm G10 fins that are perfect whether it be your first time out surfing or if you're an advanced surfer looking for some new performance features, these won't let you down!


  • High-performance full carbon freeride twin tip with progressive flex
  • Innovative parabolic rail shape for better rail grip and upwind ability
  • Ultra-light carbon construction for powerful riding
  • Progressive channel design for exceptional control in high speeds
  • Equipped with Airgo2 pads and straps and 45mm G10 fins

The Process C+ V1 is the newest addition to our freeride board line. While its shape and outline are identical, it features a highly advanced full carbon construction on the inside. By fusing low-density wood with feather light Biax Carbon we created an incredibly performant flex pattern that's slightly stiffer than before for better edge control! This allows riders to hold their edges longer while fully loading up the board boosting performance in all spheres of kitesurfing


The smooth rocker outline plans exceptionally early while the sophisticated channel layout, combined with glassed G10 fins provides grip and control in fierce gusts and howling storms. The C+ features our recently developed PRS technology – a parabolic rail shape design best described as " tucked-under rails." It is a leap in twin tip performance. The rails cut through chop more comfortably, speed generation is enhanced, and ease of upwind travel improved! To ensure perfect linear flex between cente rline to tips we reduced thickness of each fin gradually from nose to tail for ultimate release into steep turns or tight maneuvers that will keep you on your toes all day long