Eleveight WFS V5 Wing

Eleveight WFS V5 Wing


Elevate Your Ride with the Eleveight WFS V5 - Available Now at Wake-Style.com

Freeride Mastery in Any Setting Experience seamless control and user-friendly performance under any condition with the Eleveight WFS V5. This wing is engineered for versatility across all disciplines, featuring advanced technical innovations. It boasts a lightweight yet robust build that allows for smooth drifting and effective power generation, defining the essence of freeride excellence.

Dynamic and Responsive Handling The WFS V5 captures and converts power effortlessly, thanks to its optimal canopy tension that ensures quick, intuitive handling. The wing’s balanced V-shape and minimized turbulence translate to a direct, drag-free response, enhancing your connection with the water.

Durably Constructed for Peak Performance Constructed from the premium Teijin X4 ripstop material, the WFS V5's durable wingspan guarantees unmatched stability. Its design is focused on reducing drag while maximizing airflow, thus improving the wing's efficiency and pump effectiveness.

Innovative Full Carbon CS Bar The latest iteration of the CS Wing Bar features a full-carbon build, significantly reducing weight while enhancing aerodynamic stability. This update minimizes fatigue and facilitates natural, intuitive control. The newly designed ergonomic oval CS Bar and refined EVA grip deliver improved torque control and precise wing handling.

What's New in Version 5? Version 5 introduces several enhancements including a redesigned CS Bar and strut shape for optimized wing balance and arm reach. The deeper profile boosts low-end power for easier pumping, while the improved dihedral shape enhances stability and harness compatibility. Enjoy more stable drifts, reduced drag, and expanded high-end performance.

Designed for All Riders Whether you're advancing your freestyle tricks, soaring upwind, or riding the waves, the WFS V5 is built to accommodate all skill levels and styles in any conditions. Its exceptional lightness aids in easy upwind navigation and fluid downwind drifts, offering you the freedom to explore and expand your horizons.

Riding Characteristics

  • Freeride: Superior control and extensive wind range.
  • Freestyle: Amplified power development and progression.
  • Race: Optimal upwind performance and shape-stability.
  • Surf: Outstanding neutrality and drift capabilities.

Technical Specifications

  • Aspect Ratio: Low, with a single middle strut for profound power development.
  • Profile: Deep, with a V-shape design to keep wingtips clear of water, enhancing drift stability.

Advanced Technology Crafted with the state-of-the-art X4 canopy fabric, the WFS V5 is robust and tear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance. Developed in partnership with Teijin, this material is designed to withstand harsh conditions, featuring a UV-resistant finish for enduring quality.

Designer Insight by Peter Stiewe "The WFS V5 has been refined to offer exceptionally intuitive control. The new lightweight carbon bar ensures comfortable handling in any condition, perfectly suited for both novice and experienced riders."

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