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Eleveight XS V3 2022 - 2023 Kite


Eleveight XS 2022 - 2023 V2

Are you looking for a kite that can jump super high? The Eleveight XS V2 is the kite for you!


Eleveight XS Features:

  • 5 struts
  • Delta Hybrid construction
  • Explosive lift and insane hangtime
  • Bomb proof construction

    Eleveight XS V3 Wake-style.com Opinion

    This kite is one of our latest additions here at wake-style.com. We are addicted to high jumps and we love the adrenaline flow when we boost in high winds. That's why we added the Eleveight XS V2 in our range next to the FS and the RS.

    This kite will blow your mind and catapult you to new record heights!

    Kiteloops are super smooth and you will be able to further improve your level when performing your repertoire of big air tricks.


    Turning Characteristics

    The Eleveight XS V2 is a really fast kite and reacts immediately at any impulse on the bar. You will have quickly responding Big Air Kite weapon in your hands, ready to rock!


    High Aspect Ratio

    The XS is a high aspect ratio kite, which means that it will boost higher but also help you in all conditions. Nice pull aslo in light wind conditions, plus an unmatched upwind and big air performance.


    ELEVEIGHT - BREAKING LIMITS - XS V3 Kite from Eleveight Kites on Vimeo.


    The 2022 - 2023  XS is now on pre-order on wake-style.com and available for you to test!
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