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Ensis Rock n Roll Wing Foil Board


Ensis Rock n Roll Wing Foil Board


At wake-style.com we are proud to present you the Ensis Rock N Roll Wingsurf Board. Ensis is known for the super performant wings and now come with a new board series that will blow your mind once on the water and on your foil.

This wingfoil board comes in 4 different sizes and suites all wingsurfer needs, from beginners to wave maniacs

It features:

  •  Negative outline
  •  Compact outline, no swing weight
  •  V- Shape double concave bottom, easy planning
  •  Tail kick bottom, easy pumping, early planning
  •  Nose kick, save nose dive, easy jumping
  •  Concave deck, control, control, control
  •  Foostraps, 1:1 or 2:1
  •  Deck handle, balanced bottom handle, easy carrying
  •  Custom Carbon Sandwich Technology, light and solid
  •  Grooved diamond deck pad with tail kick
  •  Reinforced double US foil box

Custom Carbon Sandwich Construction

This technology, is the bestat the moment combining lightness and performance. The board will come out super easily from the water and will allow expert wingsurf riders perform easy spins, tricks and jumps. The carbon  reinforced foil box will give you as more direct feeling over your foil

Negative outline

This revolutionary outline is truly supporting the Ensis Rock n' Roll wingfoil board. The nose, being wide helps with stability in choppy water and the wide tail allows  the rider to step in the straps even before flying on the foil and gives a sense of stability. Once the wingsurf board start accelerating, it will do it on a straight line without any unwanted movement left or right. In lighter wind condition this outline helps also with starting easier making pumping on the foil super easy. Unwanted touch-downs are not a problem, the wide nose will keep you stable and will pop the board back up. Thanks to this technology is possible to have a shorter and more compact wingsurf board. The double concave and the big surface offer plenty of control and stability



ENSIS Rock’n’Roll 57 Liters – for experts and light riders Wing Size: 2-5 – 5.2
Rider Weight: 35 – 75 kg
Wind range: 8 – 45 knts

ENSIS Rock’n’Roll 77 Liters – for advanced riders Wing Size: 2-5 – 5.2
Rider Weight: 50- 80 kg
Wind range: 6 – 40 knts

ENSIS Rock’n’Roll 97 Liters – one board for all Wing Size: 3.5 – 6.0
Rider Weight: 65- 90 kg
Wind range: 5 – 35 knts

ENSIS Rock’n’Roll 117 Liters – light wind and gusty conditions Wing Size: 3.5 – 7.5
Rider Weight: 75- 115 kg
Wind range: 4 – 35 knts



If you want to buy this Ensis Rock 'n roll board or you want to have advise, come visit or call us, our wing foil specialists will give you the best tips....At Wakestyle we love to help you !!!