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Ensis Score

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Ensis Score Allround Foil Wing

The best allround wingsurf wing for freestyle, surfing and beginners

 Why not fly a foil wing that best fits your level of expertise? Let's start out with the Ensis SCORE!

The Ensis Score is a perfect wingsurf foil wing for every kind of rider, from beginners to professionals. You will be amazed by its power and stability, giving you the feeling of solid propulsion on the water in barely any wind condition. Don't worry, this sail won't let you down even when you're flying through "crazy" conditions.

Thanks to a specially designed aspect ratio, the Ensis Score wing will perform well for both Freestylers and beginners, while remaining stable even during stormy conditions.
If you like riding waves, the score also has awesome handling for surfing. 

Finally, the perfect balance of power and manoeuvrability are what makes the Ensis Score a great allround foil wing. A wing with elastic windows that will not hinder the performance sounds like a dream, right?!


Why you will love it:

  • Amazing power in little wind
  • Amazing control in stormy winds
  • Easy manouvres
  • Clear view thanks to the new windows


Ensis Score Sizes:

 2.8, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.2, 6.2

Ensis Score Foil Wing in red and blue


Ensis Score features

  • The Score is  an ultra-stable, lightweight foil wing with incredible power and propulsion. Perfect for everyone from first time wingsurfers to those crazy professionals out there, looking for a little extra push in their performance!

  • The Ensis SCORE is a powerhouse of power, rising the stakes and taking you over the edge in almost no wind!

  • The engineered stiffness at its leading edge and its light canopy guarantee a super direct control, which makes pumping easy when low pressure hits your sail. They also assure all the stability you need. also in stormy conditions.

  • The wing span design helps keep water out from the tips so that they won't ruin your day after a crash!

  • The Ensis SCORE will support your manoeuvres, with its stable, direct control and a neutral feeling, that allows you to depower easily.

  • The ergonomic design of the wing makes it easy to hold on to. With wide handles exactly at the the right place, you'll be able to get a precise grip and make quick work of manuvers thrown your way!

  • The revolutionary Ensis windows are made of an exclusive tempered film, that is as elastic as the canopy. Tested and approved as highly durable in the cold Swiss winter as well as in tropical destinations, they're also easy to clean with just a damp cloth!

    Get stoked whatching the Ensis Score official video:


     Ensis Score Unboxing Video:

    Wake-Syle.com Team Opinion:

    The Ensis SCORE wingis a versatile and powerful allround foil wing designed for the most demanding wingsurfes. If you're a beginner, this wing will make you progress at a fast pace, but you won't have to change sail when you'll be a master. If you are an advanced rider with an eclectic riding style, the Score will delight you in any wingfing discipline: freeride, freestyle and wave surfing.
    The Ensis engineering team has created a lightweight and durable design with unbeatable quality. This wing will surely impress even the toughest critics!


    Wake-Syle.com Surf Shop

    You can buy the Ensis SCORE online or visit our surf shop Bussum for a test ride. Our store is just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort. We give to our customers the chance to try the new gear at many spots in the Netherlands. Ask us for demo tests in Almere, Marina Muiderzand, Loosdrecht, Wijde Blik and Ijburg.