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Ensis Spin 2022 Foil Wing

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Freestyle and wave Foil wing

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After the great success of the Score, Ensis introduces the all-new Spin.

This new wing features an innovative compact wing concept, with short wing span and wide wing tips, engineered to provide easy handling in any condition and for any riding style. Furthermore, its connected strut design results in a super direct response, a more efficient flying and superior power delivery.

At the take-off, the wing feels very light in your hands, but once flying, the Sin builds up power very quickly, ready for any trick or maneuver you want to send.

As the name suggests, the Ensis Spin is an innovative foil wing built with both freestyle and wave riding in mind. Its shorter wing span allows for quicker turns on the waves, while having less swing weight will help you in performing even the most radical bottom turns. The flat profile provides speed and upwind performance, so that you will be always able to catch your next wave.

But the compact shape of the Ensis Spin will satisfy also all the freestyle wingsurfers out there, making rotations and "spins" easier than ever.

Wingsurf backloop

Who will love the Ensis Spin:

  • Small riders: The innovative shape of the Ensis Spin will make happy also short riders, as its short wing span avoids touching the water with the wing tips.
  • Freestyle wingsurfers:  the compact shape will help you in reaching new wingsurfing levels.
  • Wave riders: the agility of the Ensis Spin is able to improve you wave riding experience, with more radical turns and maneuvers.


 1.8, 2.2, 2.6, 3.1, 3.6, 4.1, 4.6, 5.1, 6.1



  • Direct feeling
  • Light weight
  • Strategically placed windows
  • 3x3 Tejin canopy
  • Stiff and soft grab handles


Being the Ensis Spin such a versatile wing, the Swiss brand realized two different videos to launch its new foil wing:


Ensis Spin for Freestyle Wingsurfing


Ensis Spin for Wave Riding

 The Ensis Spin Wing Set:

The Ensis Spin is sold in a premium wing set that includes a high quality backpack and a solid hand wrist leash.

The Wakestyle Team Opinion

We can definitely testify that the Ensis Wings reflect the world-renowned Swiss quality, so being by far one of our favorite wingsurf brands. 

The Ensis Spin wing is been specifically designed for all enthusiast foil wing freestylers and wave riders. If you are looking forward to land a flaka or doing insane cutbacks on waves, than look no further.

Expect a well built, solid and highly maneuverable wing, ready to push your wingsurfing level and guide you in the next adventures!


At WakeStyle we are foil and wingsurf enthusiasts, if you are looking for tips about choosing your ideal wingsurf gear you can contact us directly, we're always happy to help!

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Demo & Test days

The Ensis Spin will soon be available also for testing. The nearest spots to our shop are: Almere, Marina Muiderzand, Loosdrecht, Wijde Blik, Ijburg and Strand Horst.