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Ensis Wing V2

Note: the Ensis Wing V2 is now out of production and also out of stock. Ensis is now producing 2 more specialized foil wing models: the allround Ensis Score for freeride and freestyle, and the Ensis Spin for wave riding.

The most similar wing to the Ensis Wing performances is the Ensis Score, a lightweight and durable wingsurfer that can take you from beginner to expert level at wingsurfing. So if you want to have a performing allround foil wing at a great price in your quiver we suggest having a look at the score by clicking on the above link!


Ensis Wing Surf Wing V2

The Ensis wing V2 is a state of the art wingsurf sail, the wing of choice of the most iconic foil athlete Balz Müller.

Ride like a pro wingfoil athlete from 799€!

If you wanna push your limits in wingsurfing than look no further and get your Ensis  wing foil quiver.

Wings by Ensis are super balanced, light and have huge power.


Ensis Wing V2 Sizes:

2.5 // 3.5 // 4.5 // 5.2 // 6.0

Ensis Wing V2 sizes and colors

Ensis Foil Wings

The wing is very stable, easy to handle and gives an insane propulsion. That means super quick take offs and power on demand.

If you wanna jump, cruise race or surf on waves, the Ensis wings will be the perfect choice for you.

The unique profile blends power stability and propulsion and will absorb the hardest wind gusts.

The handles are exactly where they should be and, thanks to their size, offer easy handling maximizing fun while freeriding or riding waves.

The Ensis wings are made with 3x3 tejin, the best material on the market right now. This particular cloth has an increased stiffness, making this foil wing reactive and light.


Ensis Wing test

If you wanna test the foil wings by Ensis, contact us and book your test ride through wake-style.com or in our store in Bussum. Wakestyle surf shop is just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht and Hilversum.