F-One Phantom - ASC Board -Strike Wing -Foil Set

F-One Phantom - ASC Board -Strike Wing -Foil Set

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Complete set for the F-One Wing Foil Lovers


This Set includes the F-one ASC Wing foil board, ideal for progression due to the nice shape and generous volume. Is possible to choose bbetween 2 board sizes, 5.5 x 90lt and 5.10 x 110 so every rider will fit this quiver!

The Phantom 1480 Hydrofoil will guide you in your progression due to its high lift ability and ease of use. Pair it to the legendary F-one  Strike wing and sky will be only you limit. Enjoy this wonderful sport with the right quiver and progress fast!

This set includes:

  • 1x F-one asc 5.5 or 5.10 board
  • 1x F-one Phantom FTC Complete hydrofoil + 75 mast
  • 1x F-one Strike 5mt (4mt also available)

We advice this set to all wingers that have a good feeling and sensibility with water. The F-one Phantom Hydrofoil  will help you progress and you won't need to sell it for a more performant foil ina. short time as happens with low aspect hydrofoils. The F-one phantom will be also your companion in your surf foil adventures. Contact our team for advice. We are happy to help you choose the right wingsurf gear!

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