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F-One Strike V2 2022


FOne Strike V2 Foil Wing


The new F-One Strike V2 2022 goes against the actual trend of all-rigid foil wings and adopts a hybrid construction called Adaptive Wing Design.

According to F-One:


"A foil wing should be able to transform every wing gust in forward movement energy"


If you've been into windsurfing for a while, and tried different wingsurfers, then you know that sometimes stiff and hard-handled wings lack at this.

Just like a windsurf mast, the frame of the 2022 F-One Strike V2 flexes and gives back the energy to the rider, making the whole wingsurf experience smooth and reducing fatigue, especially when ridden without a wingsurfing harness.


F-One claims that the Strike V2 stands for passion, smooth performances, power and control, lightness, strength, and durability.

The dynamic stability in flight of this wing will make everything easier while wingsurfing around, providing remarkable forward traction over the entire range of use. Whether a pro rider or a beginner, your potential with it is exceptional. The F-One Strike is therefore designed to be much more than a wing: everything you need to reach your peak foiling potential.

Wing Foilers will also be blessed with the new features that F-One packed in its 2022 version of the Strike.


What's New in the Strike V2?

(excuse the pun)


New Leading Edge & Strut Shape

In order to achieve this result, the leading edge of the Strike V2 has been modified, together with the central strut that now is segmented, improving the control of its curve and deformation.


New Panel Orientation

The new panel orientation along the warp line offers a better shape control and extended durability by adjusting the fabric towards tension at a sweet spot...


Minimum Infill

The infill of the Fone Strike V2 wing is kept to a minimum, to ensure a lightweight profile control without adding unnecessary weight while maintaining a good field of view.


New Leading Edge & Wingtips Reinforcements

Fearuring abrasion-resistant Kevlar® fabric. Just in case...


New Grab Handles

The 2022 F-One Strike features a small diameter, and an improved rectangular shape which will allow instinctive control of your wing at all times.


Sleek design One Pump Hose

As handy as you want it to be.


F-One Strike V2 Sizes:

For the present year, the Fone Strike V2 offers some new size options. The 4.5 and 5.5 are ideal for the heavier riders, while the 4 and 5 work better for lighter ones.

  • 2,5m
  • 3m
  • 3,5m
  • 4m
  • 4,5m
  • 5 m
  • 5,5m  
  • 6m


How to choose your Strike V2 wings quiver:

For the riders' convenience, each surface of the Fone Strike V2 range has been optimized for specific programs.

Heres' how to choose:

  • 2.8m to 3.5m wings are the wing sizes for stronger winds and wave riding.
  • 4.5m + 5m wings are designed to offer the best wind range, considering the different disciplines, and levels


Key Features:

  • Pre-loaded canopy: the unique canopy tension of this F-One wing imitates that of a windsurf rig. The pre-tensioned canopy and the ideal tension of the trailing edge improve the riding experience in all wind conditions.
  • Centered traction: the F-One Strike V2 is a highly balanced wingsurf. You will immediately notice how the energy is distributed equally between the two arms, reducing unwanted movements of the wing.
  • Ultralight: the reduced weight of the wing is ideal when you want to focus on riding waves. Definitely one of the lightest foil wings out there.
  • Forward energy:  Thanks to its new design, the 2022 Strike transforms any wind input in forward motion, but without unbalancing the rider on the foil board. Pure sheet and go power!
  • Huge wind range: The F-One R&D team paid attention to improving low and high-end performance. This means that you can expand the wind range and get the max out of your wing by reducing your quiver.
  • Grab handles:  the ergonomic grab handles offer a perfect fit for any kind of hand and the overall softness allows for comfort and reduced fatigue. The power of this wing is at your fingertips!

Watch the official video for the F-One Strike V2 wingsurf:


The WakeStyle Team Review & Opinion

Here at WakeStyle we're convinced that the 2022 F-One Strike V2 is one of the very best wings for this season. Thanks to an impressive brand new design and reduced weight Fone managed to give birth to a new foil wing that offers superior performances, even when compared to its already top-notch predecessor. 

The main focus of this foil wing is to perform at best in any wind condition and any wingsurf discipline and, if you try it, you can definitely tell!

Many wings are uncontrollable when overpowered, or lack power in light winds. F-One is been able to solve these problems and through its Strike V2 offers a super balanced and light wingsurf wing that performs insanely well in waves, freestyle, and freeride.

Finally, the absence of windows is considered by numerous purist wingsurf riders a plus point, as it reduces the overall weight and the risk for damages.


WakeStyle Wingsurf Shop

WakeStyle is a specialized wing foil shop, run by wingsurf enthusiasts. If you are looking for more information about the FOne Strike V2, for tips for buying wingfoil gear, or are after a new quiver wishing for a personalized deal, contact us directly or come visit our store in Bussum!

he WakeStyle shop is just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam, Almere, Strand Horst, Utrecht Hilversum, and Amesfoort, while the nearest wingsurf spots are: Almere, Marina Muiderzand, Loosdrecht, Wijde Blik and Ijburg.


The FOne Strike V2 is now available on pre-order and will be sool available for buying online.


Test & Demos

It is possible to test the Strike V2 in Almere at Marina Muiderzand or at the Loosdrecht lake.


Luff Panel Reinforcement




Strike V2 Grab Handles




Wingtip Kevlar Reinforcement