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Fanatic Sky Style Team Edition


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Advanced wingfoil board by Fanatic X Duotone

This new edition of the Fanatic Sky Style TS Wing Foil Board is designed for helping you perfect your skills whether you're looking to improve your level, freestyle, or waves. This board comes in four different sizes - 55lt, 65lt, 75lt or 85lt - and every size offers maximum stability while learning new tricks. More power has been given while jumping, turning or doing take-offs thanks to the rocker line which improves reactivity !!! The higher nose allows for easier waterstarts and landings as well as making turning in the surf easier. A deep deck paired with a high nose volume gives additional stability when landing to make sure you recover quickly from both steep landings but also safer falls due to crashes. It even offers enough space between the rider and water during jumps so that riders are less likely to catch themselves on their boards without losing speed.

The 2023 Fanatic Sky Style Features:

  • Small to medium size volumes for advanced wingers who are looking to go smaller
  • Recessed deck for more stability, control and foil reactivity
  • High volume nose for improved stability and recovery after steep landings
  • Increased leverage thanks to the higher nose. + better pop for take off and jumps
  • Sharp release edges in the tail section for early take off
  • Multiple footstrap positioning options
  • Thicker and softer deck pad for more comfort and damping
  • Carbon pvc sandwich constrution
  •  4 sizes 4'7" x 55l / 4'9" x 65l /  4'11" x 75lt / 5'1" x 85l


The Wake-Style.com review and opinion


We had the chance of testing this board for a few days and here is what we can say about this. The board we used was a Fanatic Sky Style 75 lt 4.11" rider weight 85kg. At first the board looks just amazing, the colour is very appealing and the finish is excellent. The board feels robust and fairly light. Once on the water the water start is easy and the board accelerates quick and is noticeable the excellent weight distribution. The extra volume in the nose helps keeping stability and floating  during wind holes and increases the pump efficiency . Once on the foil you need to get used to the "nose up" riding style,  but once comfortable you will love this yellow stick! It is noticeable how better you can jump thanks to the higher nose, there is more space between the deck and the water and it is possible to apply a higher leverage and angle so you can get airborne  !!!  We have found the extra liters in the nose very helpful  in the sketchiest landings, the board has a tendency to rise immediately and you can find balance right away !!! The foil box has been placed more forward and it is possible to adjust better the foil position. The  Fanatic Sky Style is a  board ment for wingers focused on freestyle and not to beginners,  for beginners coming from a big board and looking to size down, the  SKY WING it is still the safest and best option, but, if you are looking to jump higher or to get that flaka down and you are looking for an bomb proof construction... the 2023 Fanatic Sky Style is waiting for you !!! Contact us for a test ride wake-style.com or come to our shop in Bussum.