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Fanatic Sky Wing 2022 Foil Board

2022 Fanatic Sky Wing - Wingsurf Board

The new fanatic sky wing 2022 is a super performing wing foil board to reach the next level in your wingsurfing performance.

This hydrofoil board provides a lifted nose and tail shape, which helps the rider get up early, faster and softer off the waves.

The Fanatic Sky Wing has a specific wing foil shape with added rocker on the ledges,  not found on other wingsurf boards.


Fanatic Sky Wing Sizes

2022 Sky Wing boards are divided into two categories:

  • 5.0: Smaller freeride and wave oriented model, with a more curved rocker line with bevelled and forgiving rails. Also, their double concave creates a flat section that promotes early take-offs as well as softenr landings.
  • 5.4: Designed for taking off as early as possible, the flat rocker line helps to generate speed.


  • Wing foil specific shape
  • Double concave for early take offs
  • Different sizes to choose
  • Compact shape


Wakestyle Team Opinion

We particularly appreciated the Fanatic Sky Wing design. To progress at a constant pace in wingsurfing you need specific gear with dedicated shapes, and that's exactly what the 2022 Sky Wing provides.

If you are a heavier rider, or if you are looking for an easier  take off experience, go for the 5'4" model, otherwise the 5'0" will make you go crazy, particularly if you like to surf waves.

Wakestyle Wingsurf Shop

You can buy the 2022 Fanatic Sky Wing online or visit our surf shop Bussum and ask for a test ride. If you are in the Netherlands, our store is just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.


We give to our customers the chance to try the newest foiling gear at many spots in Noord Holland, the nearest wingsurf spots to our shop are: Almere, Marina Muiderzand, Loosdrecht, Wijde Blik and Ijburg.