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Impala Jupiter Longboard 37'

Pintail shape


This Impala longboard is a blast from the past, go in style around town with this pintail shaped deck and feel the surf vibe swirling around you. The graphics are made by Surfy Birdy. The 70mm 78a wheels will make you feel like on a flying carpet absorbing all rough surfaces on your path


  •  37” x 9.0 x 26.5” Wheelbase
  • Resin-8 hard rock maple
  • Mellow concave with subtle kicktail
  • 180mm Slant trucks
  • 70mm 78a soft Longboard wheels
  • ABEC-7 Impala Pink Rubber Shield bearings

Impala will plant 3 trees for any tree used for manufacturing skateboards 


Available at wake-style.com skate shop