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ION Kite Waist Harness Riot Curv 14

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ION Kite Waist Harness Riot Curv 14

The Riot Curv 14 Select is the lightest and most durable hardshell harness on the market. It features ION's revolutionary thermal composite CURV material, thanks to high-end add-ons like Double-D Buckles and a Kite_Knife Multitool 2.0 it stands out from its peers in quality with an industry leading flex index of 14 that ensures all loads are distributed perfectly through its rigid 3D pre shaped center part

The Riots newest addition to their selection has been engineered for ultimate durability while still being lightweight enough not make you suffer when carrying around your gear after long days shooting or climbing ice caves!


  • Low outline
  • Curve
  • Silicon print
  • C_Bar 3.0 
  • Kite Knife
  • Lightweight