Jp Australia + Neil Pryde Foil Wing Set

Jp Australia + Neil Pryde Foil Wing Set

Size front wing

Available online

Board and hydrofoil kit

This kit includes

  • 1x JP X Winger wing foil board size 5.0
  • 1 x Neil Pryde Glide Surf Complete hydrofoil with 70 cm mast (choose the front wing size)
  • 1 x mast to foil box connector


Font wing size chart


This item is available online and ships directly from our warehouse. It is also possible to order it at the store in Bussum.

As soon as your order is placed, you'll receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Orders are usually delivered in 2-3 working days throughout Europe!

For more info, tips and other board - foil combinations , you can contact us directly or call the shop. wake-style.com