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2021 JP X Winger - Foil Board


JP Australia X Winger

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Compact Wing Foil Board with plenty of volume

The JP X Winger foil board is been designed by the famous JP Australia thinking about those foilers who want to perform sharp turns and maneuvers.


The JP X-Winger is available in 2 different Constructions:

  1. Pro Construction: the lightest weight technology

  2. IPR Construction: slightly heavier and more affordable, it's the best cost/ benefit construction available

 JP X Winger foil board, red


The JP X Winger offers plenty of volume in a compact shape, perfect for a longer and more stable ride, and also for light wind sessions.

This foil board has a powerful design and features an innovative step-tail:  loading the foil underwater while using the lift of the wing for take-off will assure instant reactivity like never before.

The deck of the JP X Winger is concave, with some ultra-comfortable pads, featuring additional increased arch support and a tail kick pad that makes this foil board perfect also for riding strapless!



Setup Options

You can set up your JP X Winger in 3 different foot-strap positions. This ensures that you will always find your ideal stance on this foil board, no matter what's your size or riding style!

 You can set up the JP Australia X Winger in the following ways:

  • V-shape
  • Centered
  • Off-centered
  • Strapless

JP Australia foil wing


 Sizes Available

  • 4'5"
  • 5'0"
  • 5'5"
  • 6'0"
  • 6'5"

Size Chart:

Board 4'5" 5'0" 5'5'' 6'0" 6'5''
Length (cm) 137 152 168 183 198
Width (cm) 66 69 71 75 79
Volume(LT)  75 95 105 125 145
Weight (kg) - - - - -

Watch the Official JP X Winger 2021 Video:

Wingsurf Packages: Board + Hydrofoil + Sail

We also offer the JP X Winger in some complete hydrofoil packages:


Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

We all know the benefits of a shorter foil wing board, but this sometimes comes at a volume cost, meaning that a small board is going to be more difficult to fly in lighter wind conditions.

With the Jp Australia X Winger, also heavier riders can finally enjoy a shorter shape!


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