MB Boards "Albatros" Balz Müller Foil Board - Wingsurf Specific

MB Boards "Albatros" Balz Müller Foil Board - Wingsurf Specific

Albatros Foil Board by MB Boards, Balz Müller pro model

The Albatros is currently Sold Out, but you can check all the Balz Muller Foil gear following the link to see all the wingsurf & windfoil gear used by the Swiss champion!



The new Albatros 2 Foil Board by MB Boards is finally available on Wake-style.com!

It is a signature wingsurf specific foil board by Balz Müller, probably the best freestyle wingsurf rider in the world at the moment.

The Albatros is a one board concept, resulting from an intense development with Balz Müller to offer comfort, speed and performances, all in the same Foil Board.

While in in flight mode, you will feel how this board follows your intentions and gets forgotten.

MB Boards Albatros Sizes

 2021 Albatros Balz Müller comes in 3 different volumes: 58, 98 and 118 litres.

  • The 58lt board is perfect for foil wave and freestyle
  • The 98lt is an all-arounf foil board which will let you surf waves, learn new freestyle tricks or simply cruise arouund.
  • The 118lt is mainly a foil cruising board, which will still let you learn and improve on waves and in freestyle.

Size Chart

Volume Length Width Weight
58 4'6'' / 138cm 23 5/8'' / 60cm 5.7 +/-7%
98 5'2'' / 158cm 27 1/3'' / 70cm 7.8 +/-7%
118 5'10'' / 177cm 31 1/3'' / 79.5cm 9.2 +/-7%

MB Boards Albatros Features

  • Perfectly distributed volume to help you reach the ideal balance. 
  • Flat bottom shape at the back for better glide.
  • Double concave at the front to generate an air-cushion effect during takeoff and touchdown.
  • Flat at the back and well raised rocker on the front to avoid plunging.
  • Compact shape for optimized take-off and superior responsiveness.
  • Deck with concave bridge for more precision in your supports.
  • Rails with bevel along the entire length of the hull, for immediate take-off after touchdown. 
  • 3/4 4 mm EVA deck pad ensuring comfort and reactivation.


  • Bi-axial carbon fibre
  • High density PVC sandwich
  • Entirely wrapped in glass fibre
  • Closed cells EPS core
  • High density PVC reinforcements
  • Compatible double US-boxes for foil


3 Comfortable and easy to adjust straps are included.
On the deck there is also a single central position option for a true wave surfing experience.

Foil Boxes

Double US-boxes specifically reinforced for foiling.


Suggested Gear for Wing Foiling

Here at Wakestyle we are wing foil enthusiast, surfing in most of the spot of Noord Holland and Netherland's coast.

We recommend you as best gear match for the MB Boards Albatros the Moses Foil Kit 1100 and the Ensis Wing V2!

Either if you are an expert or beginner foiler, don't esitate to contact us for suggestions at info@wakestyle.eu well'be glad to help you!