Naish Dash S25 Kite (2021)

Naish Dash S25 Kite (2021)


Naish Dash S25 Kite

The new Dash is finally availabe at Wakestyle.eu. This kite revolutionizes the c-shape kite market.

Thanks to its pulley less bridle you will be in direct contact with the kite and you will be able to trim it  kite a more open shape (good for big airs or loops), to a more closed c shape,(perfect for unhooked freestyle tricks) .

If you are a kiter that likes to boost big and still committed in unhooked freestyle progression, than the new Naish Dash is the kite for you.

Good at:

  • big air performance
  • kiteloops
  • pop
  • slack for unhooked tricks
  • fast turning
  • big wind range