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Naish Hover Gs Wing Foil Board


2021 Naish Hover Gs WingSurf Board

The last generation of Naish Hover Wing Foil Boards have been setting the standard in design, construction and light-weight for the category. This new range of hydrofoil boards is perfectly suited for wingsurfing or if you're looking from some SUP foil board action.

Changes to the 2021 GS Hover updated model include:

  • An increased overall rail curve in the outline
  • Slightly narrower tail-edge relationship with nose rocker, getting just that little bit more pronounced
  • Bottom shaping taking on concave features.

The sleek design of the new Naish Hover GS is ergonomic in every way imaginable, and for sure it will make a big splash with windsurfing enthusiasts. With multiple foot strap positions available plus different fin options, foil riders can easily find their perfect setup from day one.

In fatct, you'll be able to choose between three styles:

  • Surf style: with single front strap
  • Double front straps: for an aggressive rush into waves or larger swells;
  • A customizable wind surfing-style positioning: for wider stances on either side of your feet so you're ready for some serious wingsurfing when that next gust comes by.


  • The increased tail kick behind foil boxes, combined with the beveled rail, guarantees easy take offs, a light feel in turns, and sufficient clearance on tight corners.
  • Having an S-glass/wood sandwich construction plus carbon reinforcements t
  • It also has a patented "Hover Wing technology", which means that there's no need to compromise speed versus control at any point during your session.


The 2021 Naish Hover GS is available in 2 models of 110L or 125L, depending on the rider's preference.

Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Hover Wing Foil GS 110 5'10"/177.8 cm 29"/73.7 cm 4 3/10"/10.9 cm 110 L
Hover Wing Foil GS 125 6'4"/193 cm 31"/78.7 cm 4 2/5"/11.2 cm 125 L


Check the official video for the 2021 Naish Hover GS:

Wakestyle Team Opinion:

The Naish Hover GS is a versatile Wing Foil board, that will make both wingsurf purists and windsurfers happy; you can also use it as a SUP foil board. The great thing about the 2021 GS Hover is that it is able to give you an unrivaled ride, thanks to all the added features we explained above.

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