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Naish Wing Surfer Matador S26


Naish Matador S26 Foil Wing

The Naish Matador S26 Wing-surfer is a small and powerful foil wing that can be used in any wind condition.

Its deep draft and larger diameter leading edge make it the perfect choice if you want to ride waves or onshore swells while still maintaining 100% control over your foil. Paired up by larger diameter strut than comparable models, the Naish Matador S26 allows for more power forward placement of your body weight during flight time! 

S26 Matador is a sleek and fast wingsurfer that will make you feel like the bull fighter iniesta. Matadors are designed to be ridden upwind, and can carve through water, but it's their nimbleness for which they're known: once flagged into neutral on waves or swells allowing you easy glides without worry of getting thrown off balance by sudden movements of the wing. Finally, their small windows allow the rider for full visibility.


  • Larger/stiffer diameter leading edge and strut for a rigid overall structure
  • Deep locked in draft for instant power
  • Optimized dihedral for luffing and flagging
  • Optimized handle positions
  • Removable and adjustable y-handles
  • Neoprene “knuckle guard” under center grab handles
  • Inflated Structure - no hard surfaces or hardware
  • Packs up small
  • Drawstring bag with pump storage feature


Wakestyle Team Opinion

Compared to a standard wingsurfer, the Naish Matador s26 has more power in the front section of the wing. It also has a higher canopy tension which means that this foil wing is more reactive to your impulse and will respond with a more direct feeling that will surely make you happy.

If you want to ride waves, jump high and experiment in freestyle, than the Naish Wing surfer Matador 26 is the foil wing for you!



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