Neil Pryde Glide HP Surf Hydrofoil

Neil Pryde Glide HP Surf Hydrofoil


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Complete Foil wing & surf foil kit

The new Neil Pryde GLIDE SURF is an innovative foil that allows you to ride waves and wingsurf . Superior glide and control is what you can expect from this complete foil set. like never before. With a stable and fast takeoff no matter the conditions, the newest GLIDE SURF deliver superior gliding skills since they can handle any water condition thrown at it by incredible riders all over this world! You can fly through sections while still being able turn easily at high speeds thanks in large part because of how forgiving these hydrofoil is when it comes down making turns.


This kit includes

  • 1x front wing
  • 1x fuselage
  • 1x back wing
  • 1 x 70 cm mast

Choose your connection

To connect the Neil Pryde Glide Surf to your wing foil board you need to choose the right connection, there are available 3 different ones and are not included in this kit

  • Power box adaptor
  • Deep tuttle adaptor
  • Surf plate adaptor (use this on a regular foil wing board with a foil box / rail as on the JP X Winger.)



The front wing and the stabilizer of the Neil Pryde Glide Surf are made of pre peg carbon with an inner foam construction. This construction improves the turn ability, durability and the weight ratio of this foil kit. The front wing has a rounded angle of attack and an elliptical bend shape.While flying, this thick leading edge on the front wing naturally closes the radius of your turn, tightening it. Far back, the angled down tail wings maintain a self- stabilizing roll allowing an easy turning performance. During this momentum, the GLIDE tail wing will always come back to a flat position, stabilizing the turn.


Multi sports purpose

Check the size chart below, depending if you are a wing foil , surf foil or a windsurf foil rider and from your weight, you need to choose the right setup for you

Front wing size:


 Kit Size Lift Speed Frontwing Size
11 medium-fast 1130cm2
13 medium 1300cm2
15 medium-low 1490cm2
17 low 1670cm2
19 low 1850cm2


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