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NKD Essential Dancer Longboard

Dancing complete longboard

NKX Essential is a high quality twin tip dancing longboard. It is especially suitable for professional skaters who can't get enough of the dancing riding style and would like to be able to perform many hardcore and advanced freestyle tricks.

However, this does not mean that a beginner or experienced skater will not be able to use this longboard. Whether you want to try out the dancing longboard riding style or just want a great cruiser longboard, NKX Essential is perfect for you.

The deck of the longboard consists of a combination of materials for a 10-layer tree core. 8 of these layers are Canadian maple and the other 2 layers are olive wood. These materials contribute to a strong and durable longboard with a medium flex making it suitable for technical maneuvers and dance tricks.

A pair of size 7" aluminum top mounted trucks give you high control and quick response to your movements when you are on the road.

With NKX Essential you also have a longboard with kicktails at both ends. This makes it super easy to play with and perform lots of incredibly advanced freestyle tricks.

The large and sharp wheels of hardness 80 A with ABEC-9 ball bearings give you a quality longboard that rolls well. It feels smooth when cruising the roads. And you will easily be able to maintain full control and steer the longboard exactly the way you want. Furthermore with both cutouts and wheel arches on each end and side of NKX Essential - avoiding your wheel bite when you twist and press on the longboard.

If you're going to let it loose on the dance floor of the road and cruise in style, it's essential to have NKX Essential with you!


  • length 113cm
  • width 23.5cm
  • 70mm 80 A wheels
  • 2 layer olive and 8 layers canadian maple deck