NKX 8.0 Progression Complete Skateboard

NKX 8.0 Progression Complete Skateboard

8.0 complete skateboard

NKX Progression skateboards are made for professional skaters. However, it should not be understood that one cannot easily use one of these quality skateboards as a beginner. These NKX Progression skateboards can actually make parts of skating a bit easier, such as certain stunts, due to their quality setup.

First and foremost, these skateboards are made of 7 layers of Canadian maple. This material provides tremendous strength and stiffness in the skateboard, which makes it incredibly durable even at the wildest of stunts.
Next, the skateboards have a really good medium concave, which together with the NKX aluminum truck gives a superb control and response during stunts and maneuvers - both in the air and when skating on roads in the city or around the skate park.
These NKX skateboards can also get really fast speeds up and down ramps, or general skateboarding around town. This is due to the round and hard wheels, which are strong enough to handle hard landings after high ramp stunts in the air.


  • 8.0 deck
  • 53mm wheels 101A
  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • 7 layer canadian maple
  • medium concave