NKX Slate 8.25 Skateboard

NKX Slate 8.25 Skateboard

Complete skateboard

NKX Slate skateboards are for everyone. These skateboards from NKX's Slate series are designed for professional skaters, but a beginner can use one of these as well. As a beginner, you'll experience the difference in quality and how much more you can do with such a skateboard rather than one made just for beginners.

Part of the reason for this is the material the deck is made of. NKX Slate skateboards consist of 7 layers of Canadian maple, which is an incredibly sturdy and durable material. For you, this means a skateboard that can withstand a lot in form of landings after ramp stunts and tricks while street skating.
NKX Slate uses NKX's own aluminum truck, which makes the operation and control of these skateboards absolutely superb. Along with the skateboard's medium concave, your steering during tricks and general skating will be easy and fast.
In addition, with these skateboards' round wheels of 100 A hardness, you can expect a great ride both street skating and up and down ramps.

If you are a professional skater or just interested in skateboarding, then one of these quality skateboards from NKX's Slate series will be a brilliant choice!



  • 8.25 deck
  • 53mm wheels 100A
  • medium concave
  • 7 layer canadian maple deck