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North Atmos 2022 Hybrid Kiteboard

North Kiteboarding Atmos - Hybrid Kite Board 

The 2022 North Atmos is a Freeride board designed for maximize upwind ability and control. It will give you a solid pop and predictable landings.


The Atmos features unidirectional carbon layers strategically placed to achieve 2 goals:

  • Easy power delivery
  • Total control even at higher speeds

This characteristics make of the North Kiteboarding Atmos an ideal board also for beginners, who will find it user friendly and forgiving.

The board's flex is well spread and uniform all over the board, offering a perfect mix of a medium rocker and a progressive outline. This features translates into an early planing ability for light wind days and beginners, but also make the board easy to control when overpowerd, a key feature for big-air riders: edge hard and release in to space!!!



  • Medium rocker
  • Progressive outline
  • Ideal for Big-air and overpowered riding
  • Maximum edging and power release
  • Top North Kiteboarding building quality


Watch the 2022 North Kiteboarding Big Air video, featuring the North Atmos


Wakestyle Team Opinion

The 2022 North Atmos is one of the easiest yet performing kiteboards on the market. This because it features top quality materials and design, and combines it with mellow lines that makes of it a super user-friendly board. For this reason it will be appreciated by beginners but also more experienced big-air riders.

You know that feeling of not being able of edging hard enough for jumping when ower-powered?

A less extreme but still performing design, as the one of the North Kiteboarding Atmos, will help you to finally have full control of your board even at higher speed, and boost higher than ever before!


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