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2021 North Carve Kite


2021 North Kiteboarding Carve Kite

 Surf // Strapless freestyle


The 2021 North Carve is the kite of choice for Jalou Langeree and Jesse Richman.

Ideal for surf or freestyle strapless kiteboarding tanks to its huge depower and drift ability.

The North Carve has surf in mind and does exactly what its name says. This wave kite has an excellent drift ability, fast steering and is very powerful and ridable a size smaller compare to other kites. The North Carve's playground is in the  waves and is suitable for a large group of kiters thanks to an intuitive steering behavior. The easy water relaunch and the huge depower will allow you to focus on the waves rather than the kite, so improving your surfing skills.

Hands down one of the best  surf and strapless freestyle kites ever!

The North Carve 2021 design has been improved on many different aspects for a more playful feel and larger wind range. The bridle has been adjusted so that you can control the power better. The kite feels very stable and has a nice lift for strapless jumps. The strong construction of the Carve is designed to withstand crashes in high waves.

Being the Carve such a powerful kite, we recommend buying a smaller a size for extra fast steering behaviour.

2021 North Carve Features

  • Strapless freestyle / Surf kite
  • Custom bridle setup for faster steering and a very playful feel
  • Strong Surf construction
  • Lighter bladder material in the larger sizes
  • Bomb Proof
  • Teijn D2 Ripstop
  • Exo Skeleton reinforcements
  • Good depower
  • Great low end
  • New low drag pulley
  • New recycled kite bag
  • English