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2021 North Kiteboarding Reach + Prime board Kitesurf Set


North Kiteboarding Reach 2021 + Prime Board full Kiteboarding Set


The kite season is on! Go on the water with this awesome complete set by North Kiteboarding

Included in the Kiteboarding set:

  • 1x North Reach Kite
  • 1x Navigator bar
  • 1x prime Board
  • 1x set of North bindings
  • Insane stoke 


The new North Reach 2021 and Prime board Kitesurf set will put a big smile on your face!

  • Big wind range
  • Freestyle capabilities
  • Loop machine
  • Rides easily upwind 
  • Park and go for wave riding
  •  Effortless water relaunch

All this characteristics will suite any kind of kiter, from beginners to seasoned freestyle/mega loop veterans, passing from down the line wave freaks.

Get one kite, do all disciplines with the new 2021 North Kiteboarding Reach!


Available Online at wake-style.com or at our shop in Bussum, near Amsterdam.