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North Reach Kite

North Kiteboarding Reach

Hybrid kite

The newest version of the North Reach improves the performance of its predecessor. Having this kite is like having 4 different kites in one: Big air jumps, freeride, wave riding, foiling and doing kite loops has never been so easy!

The 3 struts setup allows versatility and the lighter construction makes this kite perform even better in light winds and permits to the Reach to excel also in kite foiling.

In 2021 the kite sees some important changes to its structure: a redefinition of the shape, lighter bladders and profile-low elongation bridle lines. The new bridles improve the reaction of the kite, making it more direct and responsive. In few words, the new North Reach kite will fly faster, have an even bigger wind range and perform better that the predecessor.



Freeride, loops, freestyle, foil and wave surfing with a one kite quiver? Yes, that's possible with the new 2021 North Reach!

This 3 strut hybrid kite is a blend of the better qualities of the world renowned North Kiteboarding Pulse, Orbit and Carve.

Freestyle like the Pulse, jump like the Orbit and surf down the line like the Carve.

The 2021 North Reach's stable, fuller profile, generates power and efficiency; while the lighter 3-strut design with tight turning radius, light impulse and bar pressure makes the kite respond faster then ever.

The perfect do-it-all kite is the new 2021 North Kiteboarding Reach!


North Reach Features

North Reach: The Opinion of the Wakestyle Team

At wake-style.com we enjoyed the previous North Reach version like we did with no other kite: it's the perfect kite to take when you don't know what the condition will be like. The 2021 version just improved an already perfect kite.

Kite Demo

Contact us if you want to test this kite! Our kite shop is in Bussum, about 20 min from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort. 
It is possible to demo ride the kite in many well known kite spots in Noord Holland like: Hoorn, Muiderberg, Almere, Wijk aan zee and Ijmuiden.