2021 North Reach Kite - buy it at Wakestyle Kite shop

2021 North Reach Hybrid Kite


North Kiteboarding Reach 2021

Hybrid kite

Freeride, loops, freestyle, foil and surf with one kite? Yes, that's possible with the new 2021 North Reach!

This 3 strut kite is a blend of the better qualities of the world wide known North Pulse, Orbit and Carve.

Freestyle like with the Pulse, jump like with the Orbit and come down the line like with the Orbit :)

The 2021 North Reach's stable, fuller profile generates power and efficiency, while the lighter 3-strut design with tight turning radius, light impulse and bar pressure makes the kite respond fast

2021 North Reach Features

The perfect do it all kite is the new 2021 North Kiteboarding Reach!

 Available online at Wake-style.com or at our Kitesurf shop in Bussum.


2021 North Kiteboarding Reach video: