Ocean Pacific 36" Drop Through Complete Longboard

Ocean Pacific 36" Drop Through Complete Longboard

Creators of the West Coast lifestyle

Ocean Pacific originated as a surf brand in the '70s and became a very well-known beach brand, know for connecting youth culture, like music, fashion, and art with action sports. When riding a complete Ocean Pacific Longboard, you can actually sense the history.

Surf the streets

The guys at OP strive to create surf-a-like products, and the main concept behind this longboard is to get as "surfy" feeling as possible while riding down the streets.

  • Fresh colorway with soft matching PU wheels
  • Stay low while skating, like on a surfboard, thanks to its drop-through truck mounting
  • Skate forth and back with no problem because of its twin-tip construction
  • Designed for beginners and intermediates to free ride and cruise on


Truck type: Inverted kingpin, Standard hanger, Drop through
Deck length: 36" (91.4cm)
Deck material: Chinese maple, 8-ply
Riding Style: Freestyle, Freeride, Cruise
Wheel diameter: 70mm
Deck width: 9" (22.9cm)
Deck features: Twin tip, Cut outs
Concave: Medium
Wheel width: 51mm
Wheel hardness: 83A
Wheel material: PU casted, SHR
Bearing precision: ABEC-7
Axle Width: 10"
Hanger width: 180mm (7")
Bushings: 90A, SHR
Griptape: Pre-gripped
Skill Level: First timer, Beginner, Intermediate