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Ozone Enduro V3 2021


2021 Ozone Enduro V3 

Freeride // Freestyle // Wave 

The Wake-style.com team have enjoyed for a long time the performances of the Enduro V2 and we are glad to present you the successor: the Ozone Enduro V3, a great freeride kite, regardless of your riding style or conditions, with 3 dedicated setups.

The third version of the Enduro kite brings kitesurfing to a new level. With the adjustable bridle the rider can choose between three different riding styles: freeride, wave/foil and freestyle. Apart from this, you can also change the kite's bar pressure according to your preference.


Ozone Enduro V3 Setups:


The Ozone Enduro delivers a superb freeride experience for all kiters, doesn't matter if you ride a surfboard or a twin tip, the smooth power delivery and depower ability will make you confident and in control in all situations.

Wave riding

In the surf, the easy handling of the Ozone Enduro V3 paired with its drift ability, opens up to a world of possibilities, making this kite the perfect companion for strapless freestyle kite action. The progressive lift will help you learn new tricks and help you land all your rotations.



Thanks to its open-C shape profile, the Ozone Enduro V3 Kite excels also in freestyle, being able to take you from your first hooked-in tricks to learning your first handle passes and further. The multiple back line adjustment system allows you to further personalise the feeling of the kite. 


Ozone Enduro V3 Features

  • One pump system
  • Adjustable bridles
  • Freeride/Freestyle and wave
  • Double stitched seams 
  • Reinforced trailing edge
  • Reinforced struts and leading edge
  • Adjustable bridles


Watch the video:


    Wake-Style.com team Opinion

    Consider buying the Ozone Enduro V3 if you are a freestyler looking for a kite that is also fun in the surf, if you are a freerider looking to improve your skills in the surf and in freestyle kiteboarding (unhooked or hooked-in), or if you simply wanna have a one quiver allround kite that fits any condition.

    Test Rides

    The 2021 Ozone Enduro V3 is now available at Wake-style.com and also for demo testing at our kite shop. The Wakestyle store is in Bussum, Netherlands, we'reeasily reachable in about 20 min from Amsterdama, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.