Poler Reversible Napsack Apple / Dusty Pink

Poler Reversible Napsack Apple / Dusty Pink


Reversible napsck

The Napsack is a revolutionary camping invention that will change the way you sleep. It has zippers at both shoulders, so when arms are outstretched it becomes like wearing an oversized puffy coat around campfire; then cinch bottom for extra warmth on chilly nights in tent or hammock - no more crawling back inside from outside!    For use in the summer, couch surfing and other activities that bring your core temp down. It's not too hot for inside! Wearing this outside is also a great idea when you have to stay at home during winter months because it keeps warm without having any trouble breathing like some traditional clothes do with their thick fabrications

The Napsack can be worn in many ways. How you plan to wear it will influence your sizing decision. If you want to sleep in the Napsack with the bottom cinched closed and you are within 3 inches of the upper limit of the recommended height, we recommend you size up so that you have a comfortable amount of space for your feet. To walk around or lounge in a Napsack simply cinch the bottom of the Napsack around your waist and fold the extra material over.

Small/Extra Small - Fits up to152 cm tall
Medium - Fits up to 176cm tall
Large - Fits up to 192 cm tall.
Extra Large - Fits up to 207 cm tall.



  • Fully Reversible.
  • Sleep, Lounge, and Walk modes.
  • Comfortable to approximately 50F degrees for sleeping.
  • Zippered shoulders allow the free use of your arms in Lounge mode.
  • Drawcord bottom can be cinched shut for Sleep mode.
  • Cinch drawcord at waist for Walk mode.
  • Soft Ripstop Nylon Exterior
  • Thermastuff synthetic insulation
  • Handwarmer pockets and 4"x 5" accessory pockets on each side.
  • 18" x 8" stuffsack included
  • 2-2.5 lbs 

The Napsack is ideal for all your camper, surf, kitesurf adventures or at home or in the garden during colder days. Stay chill and warm with the Napsack