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Prolimit Predator Impact Vest


Predator Vest Full Padded Frontzip


Don't be afraid to embrace the water! Full Armadillo Armour Padded for Various watersport activities. Great protection from impact with high-density foam and easy entry. Made out of down-flex neoprene which is environmentally friendly and stretches in all directions, so you can move freely while staying protected on every part of your body. Multiple padded panels provide both compression optimization as well as stretchability where it's needed most; great for wakeboarding, surfing or any other sport that requires movement around rough surfaces

  • Made out high stretch Environmentally friendly Down-flex neoprene with high-density foam.
  • Full padded
  • Armadillo armour
  • YKK Front zipper for easy entry.
  • Multiple padded panels for impact, stretch and compression optimization.