Rental Wingsurf Package

Rental Wingsurf Package

Complete foil wing rent kit


Wanna try wingsurfing or you just need for onne day a complete extra wig foil kit ?

At wake-style.com we have this wing foil kit ready for for you

The package includes

1x Board Fanatic Sky Air Inflatable board size 5.8 x 130 liters

1x wing, Reptile Bora 4.5  , Or Starboard Freewing  5.0, Slingshot Sling Wing V3 4.5 depending from the availability

1x Hydrofoil reptile 2500 cm2 hydrofoil with 75cm or 45 cm mast(45cm is ideal for shallow spots)

1x Pump for the board and wing

1x waist leash

How does it work:

  • The rental price is 70 euros per day
  • We ask a deposit of 300 euros and a valid identity document. Both will be returned to the customer at the end of the rental
  • In case of damage the reparation costs will be charged to the customer
  • In case of loss or theft the the renter will be charged for the full sales price per each lost item

If you have more questions please contact us info@wake-style.com