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Reptile R Complete Wingsurf Foil


Reptile R Complete Wingsurf Foil 

Reptile offers  a great foil kit in two different sizes, the 2500 cm2 and the 1500 cm2. The bigger foil wing kit is ment for beginners or for the light wind days, ideal also for wake foiling and sup foiling. Thanks to the generous front wing span, this foil kit will make you fly with the lightest breeze and offers ultra stability for beginners who want to consolidate their technique.

The 1500 cm2 wingsurf foil kit is ideal for days with winds blowing above 20 knots and thanks to the smaller size and optimised profile, guarantees performance and speed. 

Both kits come with:

  • Plate
  • 75cm mast
  • Fuselage
  • Front wing 2500 or 1500
  • Stabilizer
  • Screw sets  (4 x base plate, 3 x front wing, 2 x stabilizer, 2 x mast/fuselage connection)
  • Foil wing carry case



The Reptile R-1500 and R-2500 Wingsurf Foil Kit is available at wake-style.com. Contact our team if you want to try this set or come to the shop for more infos