Ride Engine 2020 Prime Fire Harness

Ride Engine 2020  Harness

Everyone wants a harness to stay down where it’s supposed to while at the same time provide all day multiple session support. The Ride Engine Prime Series answers that call. While the Prime composite harness shares much of the same DNA as the Elite Carbon the use of a multi-layer composite material construction in the Armor Shell sets them apart. This proprietary process allows the engineers to build-in a subtle torsional flex for the rider looking for something a touch more forgiving.

*Spreader bar sold separately.


    • Composite molded Shell Skin construction offering flex and support
    • Internal Fusion memory foam padding making the harness conform perfectly to the body
    • Full neoprene wrap with minimal seam construction for comfort
    • Tight weave webbing to reduce spreader bar slip

    (Spreader Bar Sold Separately)


    Standard fixed hook spreader bar for a classic, locked-in connection to your kite.


    A fluid connection to your kite that increases range of motion, decreases harness twist and ride-up and allows a freedom of movement you can’t get with a fixed hook.


    A classic hook that brings all the benefits of hard shell harness technology to the sport of windsurfing.

    Compatibility Note: Ride Engine harnesses are intended to be used with Ride Engine spreader bars. Any modification, pairing with non-Ride Engine components or spreader bars or use outside of the product’s intended purpose is not recommended, may not be safe and will void the product’s warranty.