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Ride Engine Lyte Harness 2022

Spreader bar connection

Lightweight Hardshell Kite Harness by Ride Engine

Ride Engine is the brand that invented hardshell harnesses and keeps setting new milestones in the harness evolution, season after season.

Why choosing a Hardshell harness

The goal of a hardshell harness is to give lumbar support and to reduce any unwanted twist or rise while kitesurfing.


Why Choosing the Ride Engine Lyte 2022

The new Lyte harness guarantees all the qualities of a hardshell kite harness weighing less than 1 kg!!! 

Compared to the Ride Engine Saber V2, the Lyte has a stiffer structure and is available in 2 options:

  1. With webbing connection (compatible with the Unity spreader bar)
  2. With direct connection (compatible with most spreader bars) 
Connection options for the Ride Engine Lyte 2022


  • The spreader bar is not included
  • This harness is also suitable for windsurfers



  • LIGHTWEIGHT Curv® HARDSHELL: a next-generation material, stiff, strong, and highly durable.
  • Double Unity bar or Spreader bar options:  Thanks to these 2 available versions, the 2022 Ride Engine Lyte is compatible with the Ride Engine Unity spreader bar as well as with most of the other spreader bars available on the market.
  • Low profile design: allows for a perfect fit and improves mobility.
  • Handlepass leash option, wakestyle warriors will be happy to find a handle pass leash attachment included, which is removable if not necessary.
  • Lumbar lock: the scientifically studied harness shape makes sure it will sit in the right place at all times, offering maximum support while eliminating unwanted movements.
  • Hook knife-pockets: easy to reach hook knife pocket for maximum safety.

The Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

We've been big fans of the Ride Engine brand and products since they came out on the market. If you ever tried a hardshell kite harness before, then you know it is a no coming back choice for a committed kiter. 

The 2022 Ride Engine Lyte harness is made for riders who are looking for maximum stiffness and support, but also for next-gen materials freaks, who always want to try the latest innovations in terms of lightweight and durability.

Furthermore, the chance to choose for direct connection or webbing connection finally allows you to choose the spreader bar you like the most, also from other kite brands.


WakeStyle Kite Shop

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The Ride Engine Lyte 2022 is available online on wake-style.com as well as at our physical store in Bussum, easily reachable in just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, Almere, Strand Horst, Loosdrecht, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.

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