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Ride Engine Saber V1 kite Harness

Ride Engine Saber Harness V1

Ride Engine Saber harness V1 is a top quality hardshell harness. If you ask around, it is widely considered one of the best kite harnesses on the market.

The new hardshell guarantees freedom of movement and lumbar support, while the low profile offers a locked in feel and a perfect fit. Paired with a full neoprene wrap and memory foam, this harness will blend together will your body connecting your mind and soul to the kite. Whoah!

NOTE: The saber has to be purchased Combined with the new Ride Engine Unity spreader bar.

*The Unity Spreader bar is NOT included


Ride Engine Saber Features:

  • SES Shell, structural engineerd shell: The SES is a one of a kind shell that has an engineering-driven design. This robust yet flexible material provides the perfect blend and balance, ensuring your safety while you go on with kite adventures!
  • Unity spreader bar ready: The Unity Spreader Bar lets you forget about the hassle of webbing. Our patent-pending design is unmatched in quality, no matter what extreme conditions it endures!
  • Lumbar lock : The Lumbar Lock is scientifically proven to reduce the strain on your back from a harness. The custom molded shape of this product hugs around and locks in place, making it much more supportive than before.
  • Low Profile design: The low-profile framework of this harness means that it's comfortable and won't cut into your skin, while providing a perfect fit to keep the strap in place. You'll be able to move without worrying about whether or not you're going to lose traction on your equipment!
  • Handlepass attachments :For freestyle riders, the harness comes with handle-pass-leash mount around the back (which is easy to remove for windsurfing). It also has two forward mounted D ring leash attachment points for use when a short leash is utilized. The Master continues to drive riders that push their limits and still does it better than most companies in its class.
  • Fusion memory foam: Elevate your comfort with the ergonomic foam that conforms to you.
  • Full neoprene wrap: The rash-free interface of a full neoprene wrap is perfect for those who have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation.
  • Hook knife pocket: The hook-knife in your pocket is ready to be pulled out at any second.


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