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Ride Engine Saber V2 2022 - Flexible Kite Harness

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Flexible hardshell harness by Ride Engine

For 2022 the Ride Engine Saber V2 has reduced by 25% its weight. This hardshell kite harness combines the best of both worlds, offering a flexible frame that is still stiff enough in order to support your back firmly. The Saber V2, therefore, offers freedom of movement, lumbar support, and tons of comfort.

Ideal for both kiters and windsurfers, the 2022 Ride Engine V2 is equipped with the Unity Ladder lock straps, ready to be paired with the Ride Engine Unity Spreader bar.


Note: The spreader bar is not included.



  • Structurally engineered shell: a blend of composite materials allowing for maximum flexibility and support.
  • Unity spreader bar compatible
  • Lightweight: 25% lighter than the Ride Engine Saber V1.
  • Lumbar lock: this harness sits in place offering support for your back and reduced harness movements.
  • Handlepass leash attachment: For freestyle riders, the Saber V2 comes with a handlepass leash mount around the back. This feature is easy to remove if you want to use this harness for windsurfing.
  • Two front-mounted leash attachment points for short kite leash, preferred by wave riders.
  • Easy to reach frontal Hook knife-pocket
  • Fusion memory foam: super-soft, ergonomic foam that conforms to the shape of your torso, for ultimate comfort and hold. 
  • Low-profile design: the Saber V2 low-profile framework contributes to a perfect fit and maximum mobility while keeping the harness locked in place and eliminating pressure points.


The Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

We've been big fans of the Ride Engine brand and products since they came out on the market. If you ever tried a hardshell kite harness before, then you know it is a no coming back choice for a committed kiter. 

The Ride Engine Saber V2 is a great option if you are looking for a flexible hardshell kite harness at a good price. The harness blends perfectly with the Unity spreader bar by Ride Engine, offering 360-degree support.

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