Ride Engine Saber Harness

Ride Engine Saber Harness


Ride Engine Saber Harness

If you want quality, support and comfort you have to grab a Ride Engine Saber harness. Combined with the new Unity spreader bar is (for many ) the best hardshell kite -  windsurf harness on the market.

The new hardshell guarantees freedom of movement and lumbar support, the low profile offers a locked in feel and a perfect fit. Paired with a  full neoprene  wrap and memory foam, this harness will blend together will your body connecting your mind and soul to the kite.

The Ride Engine Saber V1 is finally available at wake-style.com

*The Unity Spreader bar is NOT included


  • SES Shell, structural engineerd shell
  • Unity spreader bar ready
  • Lumbar lock
  • Low Profile design
  • Handlepass attachments
  • Fusion memory foam
  • Full neoprene wrap
  • Hook knife pocket