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Sabfoil 899 Balz Muller LTD Front Wing 1450 CM2

The light wind  Sabfoil freestyle front wing


The Sabfoil 899 Balz Muller LTD front wing packs all the qualities of the little sister 799 offering a bigger wingspan of 899 cm and a high profile. These 2 features make this wing very agile and improve the  lift. This wing has been designed together with Balz Muller and offers the best freestyle performance possible. You will get a lot of grip, control and you will be launched in the space every time you will jump !



  • 899cm wing span
  • High profile
  • Early lift
  • Agility and control
  • Freestyle performance

Are you an ambitious freestyle  wingsurfer and you are looking to improve your skills and jump higher ?  Than grab this piece of art straight outta Italy. Ride hard like Balz Muller with the Sabfoil Hydrofoils


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