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Sabfoil KIT M82 - W950 Wingsurf Foil Kit

Sabfoil KIT M82 - W950 - S483 - F700-HS CARBON ONDA Foilwing kit

The new gem of SABFOIL that will allow you to be a virtuoso with your freestyle lines and fast runs.

The W950 is a must for light to medium wind freestyle and long runs at high speed.

The little sister of the 1100 keeps up with that family's maneuverability while also improving its pump abilities. It accelerates faster than the 1100 as well, giving you more endurance in fast flying sessions or when doing laps along your favorite shoreline spot


This Kit includes:

  • 1x M82cm carbon mast
  • 1x W950 front wing
  • 1x S483 stabilizer
  • 1x F700 fuselage

This wingsurf foil kit is the perfect addition to any water sports enthusiast's repertoire and will help them have a blast on medium wind days. The quality of Sabfoil (aka Moses) will blow your mind with super light components that are finely handcrafted in Italy, making this product look as good as it performs. You'll be both stylish and fast! Buy online at wake-style.com premium surf shop online