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Sabfoil WM 999 Medusa Front Wing

Sabfoil Balz Muller W 999 hydrofoil Front Wing

High Lift & Maneuverability

The 2022 Sabfoil WM 999 Medusa front wing, from the Balz Muller foil pro-model series, carries all the characteristics of the smaller sisters WM799 and WM899 while offering more lift. Due to its larger wingspan, it also offers excellent glide abilities.

The Sabfoil W999 offers an incredible light wind performance while reducing many problems encountered by wider light wind front wings as breaching in turns or the risk of damage during freestyle tricks.


Balz Muller Foil series

This hydrofoil front wing has been designed in collaboration with the top rider Balz Muller and is an ideal wingsurf front wing for light wind freestyle days or for allround performance freeriding. It is an excellent front wing also for windfoiling.


2023 Sabfoil WM999 Measures

The Sabfoil W999 has a total surface of 1750cm2 and weighs 1.29kg. Therefore, if compared to an average light wind front wing, the W999 looks smaller but, its thicker middle section, compensates for the surface lack. 



  • Wing span 999mm
  • Wing root chord 223mm
  • Wing aspect ratio 5.8
  • Wing surface 1750cm2
  • Wing weight 1.29kg
  • Max wing thickness 26mm
  • Max wing T/C Ratio 11.6



Balz Muller wingsurfing with the Sabfoil W999 front wing


The Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

At Wakestyle shop we are absolutely stoked about the performance of the smaller W999 and W899 front wings, the Sabfoil W999 Balz Muller Foil Pro Model puts a big smile on our face. We especially recommend this front wing to freestylers that are looking for a light wind weapon: the smaller wingspan and thicker center area make this wing resistant to hard landings, so that you can finally practice your next trick also on light wind days. Its 999mm width assures plenty of glide, but if pump ability is what you are looking for, the W1100 or W1250 will still perform better at that. 


Wakestyle Foil Wing Shop

For more information about the 2023 Sabfoil WM999 Medusa you can contact us through chat or via email or come to visit our shop in person!

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