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Sandy Shapes Tropicale Surfskate 32" Deck


Sandy Shapes Tropicale Surfskate 32" Deck

At wake-style.com are happy to introduce the new Sandy Shapes Surfskate line The Tropicale is one of a kind , the generous length and wheel base will give you tons of confidence and stability while cruising on de boulevard at sundown. This surfskate deck is long enough to let you move on it and quick and reactive at every steering impulse. Best use is on open spaces and for long rides


  • Lenght: 32"
  • Width: 10.5"
  • Wheelbase 19" 

Why Sandy Shapes

Sandy is continuosly evolving and brings to us the latest trends in terms of :

  • Innovation: Sandy Shapes collects daily feedbacks by riders from around the globe and translates those inputs in features that help people improve their ride.
  • Craftmanship: world wide known for his snowboards, he is a milestone when we speak about the production process. The best machinery and raw material combined with his 20 years+ experience make magic happend
  • Sustainability: being at the top of the production chain means that is possible to control every part of the production and minimise waste. 
  • Exclusivity: the touch of Sandy Shape is unmistakable, this 100% Made in Italy product is light years ahead competition in terms of quality and beauty

Pair the Sandy Shapes Tropicale with Carver trucks or with an other surfskate truck option. Contact us for advise or come at the store, we love to help you.